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Natural Immunity Boosting Foods

Immunity Boosting Foods

Let’s look at some of the best immunity boosting foods.

  • Watermelon

    Immunity boosting Foods - Watermelon

    It's not only refreshing when it's ripe, but it is full of an antioxidant called glutathione. It strengthens the immune system. To get the most glutathione in the watermelon, one must eat the red pulpy flesh near the rind. Watermelon is full of nutrients and antioxidants which help in the optimal functioning of the body. It is a great source of vitamin C which helps in healing wounds faster.

  • Wheat Germ

    Immunity Boosting Foods - Wheat Germ

    It's the part of a wheat seed that feeds a baby wheat plant, and it's rich in nutrients. It's a great way to get zinc, antioxidants, and B vitamins. Wheat germ delivers a good mix of fiber, protein, and some healthy fat. All these factors help boost your immunity and fight diseases and infections. Wheat germ has shown to improve the anti-oxidant activity in the body. Anti-oxidants destroy the free radicals in the body that cause diseases and infections.

  • Low-Fat Yogurt

    Immunity Boosting Foods - Low Fat Yogurt

    Probiotics, found in yogurt and other fermented products, may ease the severity of colds. It is very helpful in boosting the immune system as it prevents unnecessary inflammation in the gut. Probiotics acts as a barrier against microbial infections in the body. It helps in destroying harmful bacteria in the gut thus giving a boost to the immune system. Studies have shown that yogurt may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. This makes it one of the highly recommended immunity boosting foods available.

  • Spinach


    This natural immune booster is a "super food." It contains folate, which helps the body make new cells and repair DNA. Spinach promotes the production of white blood cells which is a very important factor in boosting immunity. It also has fiber, antioxidants such as vitamin C, and more. One must eat spinach raw or lightly cooked to get the most benefit. Spinach also contain various antioxidants and beta carotene which may aid the immune system in fighting infection and diseases. To get the most nutrients out of spinach it is recommended that you cook it as little as possible. Spinach is considered as one of the best immunity boosting foods available.

  • Tea

    Immunity Boosting Foods - Tea

    There is strong evidence that drinking tea can help strengthen the immune system. White, green, or black, each delivers disease-fighting polyphenols and flavonoids. These antioxidants seek out cell-damaging free radicals and destroy them. This will enable the immune system to be in a better postion to fight infections and diseases. Although not all teas are considered equal, green tea is considered to be amongst the highly beneficial immunity boosting foods.

  • Sweet Potato

    Sweet Potato

    One of the oldest vegetables known to man, sweet potatoes are considered a gem amongst immunity boosting foods. Like carrots, sweet potatoes are good source of beta-carotene that converts to vitamin A, which removes the damaging free radicals. Vitamin A is a very important component for healthy skin which is the first line of defence against various infections. This helps bolster the immune system and may even improve the aging process. Sweet potatoes are loaded with calcium, potassium, vitamin C, carbohydrates and are also a good source of fiber.

  • Broccoli


    Broccoli is considered to be a super food when it comes to boosting immunity in the body. It is a very good source of antioxidants which destroy free radicals in the body. It is full of nutrients that protect the body from damage. It has vitamins A and C, and the antioxidant glutathione. The gut plays a very important role in the healthy functioning of your immune system. The glutathione in broccoli help destroy free radicals in the gut and reduces inflammation by recycling different antioxidants. The best way to consume broccoli is by steaming it after washing it thoroughly. Overcooking makes it lose its nutrients. Broccoli should be consumed raw in salads and wraps. If you are considering shopping for immunity boosting foods, then broccoli should be on top of your list.

  • Garlic


    Raw garlic can help beat skin infections. It has the ability to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. A garlic supplement may help lower cholesterol. Garlic has the special ability to improve your immune system by strengthening your immune fighting mechanisms. It increases the number of virus fighting T-Cells in the bloodstream. Garlic is said to have more than 100 biologically useful chemicals. It can reduce cholesterol and homocysteine levels to promote better cardiovascular health. Garlic can be consumed raw or in a capsule and is considered as a great preventive medicine against coughs, cold and chest infections. Garlic is a widely used and easily available amongst various immunity boosting foods.

  • Pomegranate Juice

    Pomegranate Juice

    It has been used by the ancient Egyptians to treat infections. It helps the body fight bacteria and several kinds of viruses, including the flu. Pomegranate juice is considered to have larger quantities of antioxidants which help in fighting inflammations in the body. The antioxidant capacity of pomegranate is considered 3 times higher than green tea. A king amongst fruit juices when it comes to boosting immunity as studies have shown that it contains higher concentration of antioxidants as compared to other fruit juices. All these factors make pomegranate juice one of the highly recommended immunity boosting foods. Pomegranate juice is refreshing option while considering choosing amongst various immunity boosting foods.

  • Ginger


    Ginger is also considered as the healing root since ancient times. It can ease nausea and vomiting. It is a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants work best when you get them straight from fruits and veggies. Ginger can be consumed along with tea or extracting the juice of ginger mixed with honey to improve immunity system. Scientific research has shown that ginger helps in balancing the immune system to restore it to its proper functioning. Ginger is a common household ingredient that is used in various Indian foods that can considered as a great choice of immunity boosting foods.

Immunity Boosting Supplements

Immunity Boosting Supplements


Vitamin C for Immunity

It is considered one of the best immunity boosting foods. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach and bell peppers, sprouts, strawberries and papaya are excellent sources of vitamin C. It is considered as a very powerful antioxidant mainly helpful in the maintenance and formation of blood vessels, skin, connective tissues and bones. It is also helpful in reducing the duration of a common cold, preventing cataracts and developing a healthy immune system. Vitamin C is present in so many foods that most people may not need to take supplements unless a doctor advises it.


Vitamin E for Immunity

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help the body to fight off infection. The antioxidant properties are very effective in identifying cell damaging free radicals and destroying them. Vitamin E is a vital fat soluble vitamin that is beneficial for the functioning of many organs, neurological processes and enzymatic activities. Other benefits include repairing damaged skin, healthy hair, balancing hormones, improving physical endurance and muscle strength. Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds are all high in vitamin E. Spinach and broccoli are good sources too. Foods with vitamin E are considered to be one of the best immunity boosting foods.


Vitamin B6 for Immunity

It is an important part of nearly 200 biochemical reactions in the body. Vitamin B6 is mostly known for maintaining a healthy metabolism, eye health, skin health, liver function, nerve function and boosting your energy levels. Foods high in vitamin B6 include bananas, lean chicken breast, turkey breast, pistachio nuts, avocado, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, amaranth grain, cold-water fish such as tuna, baked potatoes and chickpeas. Foods with vitamin B6 are considered to be one of the best immunity boosting foods.


Vitamin A for Immunity

For vitamin A, go colorful. Foods that are high in colorful compounds called carotenoids are rich source of vitamin A. They include eggs, milk, green and orange vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, papaya, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cantaloupe Liver and squash. The body turns these carotenoids into vitamin A. They have an antioxidant effect which helps in maintaining good vision, healthy skin, neurological function and much more. Vitamin A identifies and destroys cell damaging free radicals and reduces inflammation in the body. Consuming foods rich in antioxidants is a great way to slow the aging process. They help strengthen the immune system against infection. Foods with vitamin A are considered to be one of the best immunity boosting foods.


Vitamin D for Immunity

Vitamin D deficiency is a common deficiency affecting a majority of the population these days. One of the most recommended supplements by doctors is vitamin D. The two main ways to get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight and by taking vitamin D supplements. Sunlight exposure between 11am to 3pm is the most effective to get vitamin D. You can increase your intake through foods such as fatty fish, milk, eggs, orange juice and fortified foods such as cereals. Foods rich in vitamin D are considered great immunity boosting foods.

  1. Folate/folic acid

Folic Acid for Immunity

Folate is the natural form, and folic acid is the synthetic form of this excellent immunity boosting food. Folate is very important for making red blood cells, repairing DNA and RNA, they are often added to foods because of its health benefits. Studies have associated low folate with increased homocysteine levels in the body. Deficiency in folate can lead to megaloblastic anemia, a type of disorder causing fatigue, irritability, abnormal heartbeats and shortness of breath. To get more folate, add more beans and peas to your plate on a regular basis. Leafy green vegetables also contain folate/folic acid. Other common sources of folate are fruit and fruit juices, nuts, dairy products, poultry, meats, grains, eggs, seafood and yeast. Foods with Folate/folic acid are considered to be one of the best immunity boosting foods.

  1. Iron

Iron for Immunity

Iron, which helps the body carry oxygen from the lungs to cells, organs and tissues in the body, comes in different forms. Low iron levels in the body leads to decrease in red blood cells. Iron deficiency can cause constant fatigue, pregnancy complications and problems in mental and physical development. The two main types of dietary iron are nonheme iron and heme iron. Our body can more easily absorb “heme iron”. It is abundant in lean poultry such as chicken and turkey, plus seafood. Apart from that iron is found in shellfish, liver, red meat, Vegetarians can get other forms of iron in beans, legumes, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, tofu, spinach, broccoli, kale and dark chocolate. Foods rich in iron are considered to be one of the best immunity boosting foods.

  1. Selenium

Selenium for Immunity

Selenium seems to have a powerful effect on the immune system. It helps to increase immunity in the body and enhance resistance against disease and stress. It is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage and inflammation. Selenium also helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism in the body. It is believed selenium has the potential to slow the body’s over-active responses to certain aggressive forms of cancer. It also balances the blood flow leading to decrease in the chance of developing heart disease. It can be found in garlic, brazil nuts, eggs, liver, tuna, cod, sunflower seeds, broccoli, and barley, among other foods. Foods with selenium are considered to be one of the best immunity boosting foods.

  1. Zinc

Zinc for Immunity

You can find zinc in oysters, crab, lamb, pumpkin seeds, grass-fed beef, cocoa powder, cashews, mushrooms, spinach, lean meats and poultry, baked beans, yogurt and chickpeas. Zinc appears to help slow down certain immune responses and control inflammation in your body. It also helps in maintaining skin health. Zinc is very important for proper vision as it plays a vital role in transporting light to the brain. It helps in maintaining the sense of taste and smell and also promotes wound healing. It is very essential for healthy cell division in the body. Zinc fights free radical damage in the body and is believed to slow down the ageing process. Foods with zinc are considered to be one of the best immunity boosting foods.


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Ayurvedic herbs for immunity

Ayurvedic Herbs for Immunity

Bilva (Bael)

Mulethi Ayurveda Herbs for Immunity

The Science of Ayurveda values the Bilva root, skin, fruit and leaves highly for its medicinal properties for immunity. Bilva tree which grows almost in all parts of India
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Bala (Sida cordifolia)

Bala for Immunity

Country mallow,also referred to by its scientific name Sida cordifolia Linn belongs to the Malvaceae family. In India Sida cordifolia. Linn is commonly known as Bala
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Ghee for Immunity

Ghee is known as ghrita in Sanskrit.Ayurveda has given high importance to ghee for its medicinal qualities, its therapeutical properties and it's immunity boosting qualities
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Gokshura (Tribulus)

Gokshura for Immunity

Gokshura is an immunity boosting and healing medicinal herb , found in the sub-Himalayan forests of India. Gokshura, which is known as effective rasayana for rejuvenation
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Guduchi for Immunity

In Ayurvedic medicine Guduchi is considered to be one of the three Amrit plants. Amrit means nectar of Gods, such are the qualities of this climber plant that in Sanskrit it named as "Amritavalli".
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Haritaki for Immunity

Haritaki is the fruit of the Terminalia chebula. Ayurveda is the sacred science of longevity, hoslitic health, wellbeing in the vedic tradition and the power of Haritaki is recorded in Ayurvedic text dating back to 300 B.C.
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Honey for Immunity

Honey -This Golden liquid dates it’s consumption back to over 4000 years. This is not because of its sweet taste but due to it’s numerous immunity building and health benefits.
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Pippali for Immunity

Pungent in taste and light in its effect. Hot in potency and sharp in nature, this medicinal herb confirms its antiquity beyond 2000 years.
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Punarnava for Immunity

In Ayurveda, Boerhavia diffusa (BD) is categorised as a plant of rasayana category and it is an important herbal constituent of various Ayurvedic formulations including Chyawanprash.
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Saffron for Immunity

Saffron is perhaps the most revered of all the exotic spices throughout history. The botanical name   of Saffron is Crocus Sativus.
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Tvak for Immunity

The plant tvak also known as cinnamon. It is a native of Sri Lanka and grows in South India up to 1500 meters elevation.
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Vasa for Immunity

Vasa (Adhatoda vasica Linn.) is a well known and widely used herb in Ayurveda. It represents a class of herbal drug with very strong conceptual or traditional base as well as a strong experimental base for its use.
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