Ayurvedic Medicine. Dosage & Directions as per Label. *3X immunity Actions Basis Scientific Studies. ^Basis Classical Texts of Ayurveda on Chyawanprash. #Strength refers to inner strength.

How does SMOG affect lungs

3X Immunity Action

Dabur Chyawanprash provides 3X Immunity Action to boost your immunity

  • icon Enhances activity of NK Cells to provide protection against bacterial and viral infections
  • iconEnhances the secretion of TNF alpha that activates the immune system
  • iconStimulates activity of Macrophages which help in killing viruses and bacteria
How does DCP protect lungs from PM 2.5 particles play

How does Dabur Chyawanprash help protect lungs?

  • icon Smog is visible form of air pollution which is loaded with fine particulate matter (PM 2.5)
  • iconDabur Chyawanprash by virtue of its anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting effects helps protect lung tissue from toxic effects of PM 2.5
Is Chyawanprash Scientifically proven to help against SMOG

Improves quality of life in patients with recurrent cough & cold

  • iconDabur Chyawanprash provides protection from 100+ Illnesses 
  • iconClinically proven to help keep you fit by protecting day to day ailments like cough & cold
  • iconBoosts immunity and improves quality of life in patients with recurrent cough & cold