The Science of Ayurveda values the Bilva root, skin, fruit and leaves highly for its medicinal properties for immunity. Bilva tree which grows almost in all parts of India is bitter, astringent and drying by nature, commonly known as Bael, it is considered to be an immunity booster and a curative medicine. According to scriptures and Vedas, Belpatra i.e. the Bilva leaf signifies three components which eliminate negative energies in human body.


These powers are used for Bael is used for medicinal purposes in forms of powder, oils and juices made from the roots, fruit and leaves as an immunity boosting food.


Oil extracted from Bael is said to be helpful in keeping respiratory problems at bay, including Asthma and cold. The tannin present in bael immunes body against diseases like diarrhoea and cholera. Bael Patra is reported to possess anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral properties due to which its consumption keeps our body free of toxins. This rich source of vitamin C when combined with other herbs in right quantity is said to work wonders in keeping diseases and disorders like piles, jaundice, constipation and dysentery away.

The extract of bael leaf is reported to control the cholesterol level in blood and prevent heart diseases. The fruit of bilva has pale tawny flesh which is sweet and astringent and also contains tannin which acts as an astringent to bowels. The unripe bilva fruit is beneficial in conditions of excess vata, indigestion and stomach ache, whereas the half ripe fruit binds the bowels. The ripe fruit acts as a laxative and its juice is alleged to purify the blood.


The pulp of dried bilva fruit is famously called “Diabetic Bel”. Preclinical studies indicate that Aegle marmelos fruit extract exhibits protective effects on the pancreas., may energise the pancreas and makes it produce insulin which can help control the sugar level in blood.

Medicinally the root of Bilva tree is also considered to be important part. Oils extracted from bilva Roots have special mention in Ayurveda and said to be useful in colds (nasal catarrh), diseases of ear, dysentery, vomiting etc. Flowers of bael are also enriched with similar medicinal properties.

Nutritional Value of Bael fruit (per 100gms) is roughly said to have only 0.3 mg fat and 31.8gm Carbohydrates, and comes loaded with

Vitamin A55mg
Vitamin C60mg
This healing tree due to its abundant medicinal properties holds a special place in the hearts of sages of Ayurveda.

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