• Why do you need immunity ?
Why do you need immunity ?

Everyday our body is attacked by bacteria, viruses, dust, weather changes, infections. Our body’s immune system fights all these enemies day in and day out. However, most of us do not have a strong immune system and hence are susceptible to diseases. This is especially true for children since their immune system, is still developing and hence they can be more vulnerable than that of an adult. Children are affected differently than adults buy the environment because their bodies are still growing. A child’s body may not be strong enough to be able to protect themselves of common environmental day to day infections & allergies , so they are at greater risk of getting ill due to these. These common infections are not only found outside but even where you think its least expected that is your own house.

  • Does your child often suffer from common cold, cough ?
  • Is your child’s diet not adequate and insufficient to provide him with adequate body requirements to help him have a strong immune system?
  • Your child lacks energy and shows symptom of tiredness?

If your answer to all the above questions is a ‘Yes’, then your child’s immunity system might not be strong enough to help him from these common day to day infections and allergies.
That is why children today need something more than just extra to help them fight with these threats starring as a ‘villain’ in their lives. Hence, only a Strong immune system will not work anymore, what they need is a stronger immune system to fight against these common day to day infections. This can be provided by ‘Dabur Chyawanprash’ which helps enhance the immunity power. Chyawanprash is considered good for prevention of common day to day infections like cold, cough etc. Dabur Chyawanprash has immune-modulatory and anti-allergic potential and other medicinal properties which boosts your child’s immunity and helps him achieve that extra edge to fight against germs, allergies and infections.

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Immunity can also be improved by consuming natural immunity boosting foods regularly. Visit our immunity blog to learn how to increase immunity and the top home remedies to improve immunity power.