• 10 Signs of a Weak Immune System
10 Signs of a Weak Immune System
  1. Fatigue
  2. Frequent Infections
  3. Cold & Sore Throat
  4. Allergies
  5. Injuries that are slow to heal
  6. Digestive Problems
  7. Anemia
  8. Hair Loss
  9. Joint Pain
  10. Mouth Ulcers
Low Immunity Symptoms

Our immune system is our first line of defense against foreign bodies like germs and bacteria that can cause chronic diseases and ailments. Keeping our immune system healthy and balanced is important for a sickness free lifestyle. Here are a few low immunity symptoms that are signs of a weak immune system.


Weak Immune System Symptoms

Fatigue is one of the major symptoms of low immunity. It is a subjective feeling of tiredness but if you are constantly feeling exhausted or you get tired easily, it could be a sign that your immune function isn’t too great. Cortisol level play an important role in regulating your immune system, elevated or lowered cortisol has adverse effect on your immune system, which leads to fatigue. Some autoimmune diseases also leads to fatigue.

Frequent Infections

Weak Immune System Symptoms

One of the most common low immunity symptoms is an increased susceptibility to infections. You may have infections that are more frequent, longer lasting or harder to treat than are the infections of someone with a normal immune system, this means that your immune system is overwhelmed and can’t fight invading viruses and bacteria like it should.

Cold & Sore Throat

Low immunity causing infections

If you happen to catch cold frequently, are sensitive to cold and have frequent sore throat, then you are likely to have a weak immune system. Low or weak immune system does not allow body to fight against the common day to day infections like cough, cold & sore throat.



Allergies happen when your immune system reacts abnormally to harmless substances like dust, mold or pollen. The immune system may overreact by producing antibodies that may attack the allergen. If you experience wheezing, itching, a runny nose, watery or itchy eyes, means your immune system is low and is overreacting to the allergen.

Injuries that are slow to heal


A healthy immune system can greatly improve the body’s ability to heal by reducing the risk of infection. Our skin is the first line of defense against invading viruses and bacteria. If the immune system is low, bacteria, which take over the wound and begin to multiply, can infect the skin and the healing phase gets prolonged.

Digestive Problems


The health of your gut bacteria and the health of your immune system are vitally linked. When your gut bacteria are balanced, your immune system is also balanced. But when it’s out of balance, so is your immune system. Food sensitivities are a major sign and cause of an immune system imbalance. Food, specifically undigested protein, looks just like a virus or bacteria and our immune system creates antibodies to fight it. If you suffer from digestive problems like diarrhoea, stomach infections and nausea on a recurring basis, it’s a sign that your immune system might be weakened. Bacteria and cells live in your gut that are an important part of your immune system, so if all is not well it’s likely that your immunity is not that great either.



Anemia is a condition where there is a decrease in total red blood cells or hemoglobin or a lower ability of the blood cells to carry oxygen and this can happen when the immune system is compromised. The weaken immune system sometimes mistakes healthy red blood cells as foreign bodies and attacks and destroys the red blood cells, which can lead to anaemia. The symptoms include feeling tired, weakness, shortness of breath or a poor ability to exercise.

Hair Loss

Low Immunity causing hair loss

Hair loss or Alopecia areata is a condition, which usually affects the scalp. Alopecia areata causes one or more patches of hair loss. It is an autoimmune disorder, in which the immune system is in overdrive and attacks hair follicles, which causes loss of hair. A severe form of this is alopecia areata can also cause loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. So, if you are losing hair in patches it is highly likely that you have a weak immune system.

Joint Pain

Weak Immune System Causing Joint Pain

Out of all the weak immune system symptoms,joint pain could be a result of animmune system imbalance. Conditions like arthritis (rheumatoid, reactive, psoriatic) are caused when you have a faulty immune system. The impaired immune system can trigger autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis for an unknown reason, where in which the immune system attacks the healthy tissue causing lasting damage to good cells in your body. Symptoms of joint are swelling of the joint, redness, warmth, stiffness, pain and fever.

Mouth Ulcers

Ulcers due to Low Immunity

One of the major causes of mouth ulcers amongst adults today is stress and stress is one of the major low immunity symptoms. If there’s any weakness or breakdown of skin on the cheek, lip or tongue and your immune system is low an ulcer is most likely.


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